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The SP-BMC-3 Sound Professionals Standard Binaural microphones are very small - about the size of a pencil eraser tip. The cable enters the rear of each mic capsule (select in option dropdown box). General information about all of our Binaural microphones is available here.

The microphone cartridges are very rugged and are hand crafted to insure a lifetime of accurate recordings. The two microphone elements are each mounted in their own high quality brass shell. The microphone housings are covered in tough black rubber.

Also available are optional removable, rotating clips that can be used to attach the microphones to a small mounting surface. The teeth and handles of the clips are covered with removable protective matte black vinyl sleeves that can be taken off the clips if you wish to clip the mics to clothing or a similar material.

New! Now available with an optional phantom power modification. With this option, you can plug these mics into a phantom powered mixer, preamp, etc. and power your mics without the need for a separate battery module. Specify phantom voltage in option box above.

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Close-up without clips showing windscreens - rear cable

Shown with windscreens removed and no clips - rear cable

Shown with windscreens installed and no clips - rear cable

Shown with clip option and windscreens removed - rear cable

Close-up with clip option and windscreens removed - rear cable


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